(JakartE PunyE GayE)

JEPEGE (or JPG) stands for JakartE PunyE GayE. The simple translation in English is “Jakarta has its style.” Jepege is easy to be spoken. In the computer world, “.jpg” or “.jpeg” (acronym of Joint Photograpic Experts Group ) is known as filename extension for digital images produced by digital photography. Jepege using digital photos as the basis for the design.

Jepege has intention to spread positive testimonies of Jakarta, the capital city of our country Indonesia. Therefore, Jepege has the tagline: “Jakarta asiknya ngga nahan” or “ Irresistible Jakarta.”

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Jepege is also proposed to show identity, love, and our pride to the city of Jakarta (a.k.a Jayakarta or Batavia or Sunda Kelapa). We try to explore and creatively illustrate everything about this city.“Every side and every corner of Jakarta”. Culture, language, history, monuments, foods and everyday life that we experience in Jakarta.

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Jepege logo is a silhouette image of uppermost of Monas (National Monument). Jakarta is identical with the monument. Monas is representation of the center and the top of Jakarta. Color surrounding the label is orange. Jakarta is also synonymous with orange color. Jakarta football club, Persija, and its supporters, Jakmania, have main jersey in orange color. Previously, thousands of Bajaj –the tricycle taxi- have decorated the streets of the capital with orange color. Something for sure, the “Betawi” (the origin people of Jakarta) like something colorful or flashy like orange. The orange color is also considered to express the strength and warmth of people in Jakarta. Jepege want to mark this image of Jakarta.

CBun1QwUkAEQ3AxJepege also envisions to become the icon of Jakarta tourism, with positioning as alternative merchandise or souvenir of Jakarta. Both for local (national) tourists and also for foreigners (international tourists).

To be honest, Jepege inspiration came from the success stories of similar products in Yogyakarta and Bali. Those teeshirts have become the icon of tourism in their cities.

Many people who travel from cities abroad, usually show teeshirt with picture of those cities. Sometimes they also bring and give those teeshirts as souvenir to relatives and friends. We are in no doubt that those who come to Jakarta will hunt for Jepege as souvenir teeshirts, and will proudly wear our teeshirts in their respective places.



As Jakarta clothing tribute , Jepege has strong characters. Creative design, as well as positive messages about Jakarta, will always be Jepege identity. Every design in Jepege teeshirt has its own and unique story, which will be described in Jepege website. This creative process is the result from cooperation of Jepege’s team and its respectable partners. Jepege adheres to the philosophy of “open collaboration“, where customers can propose designs to be considered and further produced to become Jepege products. Lego is one of a very successful example of collaboration with customers.

Jepege committed to quality and also environmentally friendly. Jepege uses special materials that are safe and comfortable, smooth and seamless. Jepege also use the recycled paper bag of brown kraft material. As part of our effort to participate in go green, by utilizing renewable materials for the packaging.

Thus, there are always meanings in every aspect of Jepege. We expect to bring understanding and enlightenment of what we produce together. All of those efforts are put in place to give strong and warm memories to our customers, and make Jepege as something special with more value and proud.

The project of Jepege was kicked-off on March 10, 2015 and officially launched on June 22, 2015 as a gift and tribute to the 488th anniversary of Jakarta.

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